Death At The Gates Of Delirium

by Contaigeon

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released June 1, 2010

Contaigeon - Death at the Gates of Delirium

Archeon – Gutteral Incantations and six string sickness
Rahab – six slithering strings
Verminion – Four string funary dirge
Carrious – keeper of rhythmic rituals

Written across 2009 all music by Contaigeon, lyrics by Archeon

Industrial Deathscapes captured by Skol/Haeiresis

Recorded February – March 2010 at the Sanctum of Disease by Contaigeon
Mixed and Mastered April 2010 by Brooke Johnson at Alchemellia Hospital (W13)

(k)illustration, cover design and layout by Brainwronged

This album is dedicated to H.P. Lovecraft and Sladislav Beksinski



all rights reserved


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Track Name: The Following Darkness
Empty voices in the dark creep into your mind
slender tendrils of despair slip into your eyes
catacombs of terror tower all around
there is no escape for you deep beneath the ground
ancient terror from the past rises from its tomb
ancient madness from the dark bring you to your doom
they will rise
the ravenors from the dark
time to die
this is the end of mankind
the sky is turning red
the stars go out one by one
we are the last of our species
we witness the death of the sun
Track Name: Devoured By The Swarm
chattering cacophony
from malformed void born mouths
wings of darkness forged outside
the spheres of time and light
many bodies black out the sun
pale forms move as one
scour life from the face of the earth
leave a blackened carcass world
devoured by the swarm
frail skin ripped and torn
devoured by the swarm
your life ends in darkness
devoured by the swarm
from beyond the void
razor wings
slice the flesh
chewing jaws
tear the skin
they devour you
grind your flesh from bone
cannot avoid
those terrible eyes
Track Name: Those In The Soil
those soil that hunger
those in the dark that scream
the rot beneath the earth
supplication to the obscene
those pallid reaching tendrils
that pale convulsing flesh
lipless mouth gaping wide
caught by those
ever staring eyes of death
can you feel them
beneath your feet
in dark
deep beneath
these cursed streets
children of the darkness breed
born in the warm wet soil
soft with the blood of the week
deep down in secret temples
warm and dark
see the ancient nemesis rise
can hear them
wet bodies coiled in forbidden
they worship forgotten gods
vile rituals beneath the earth
the mother of perpetual darkness
gives birth to abominations
pallid children dance at her feet
to the throb of a sickly green light
as the climax of the ritual approaches
the swarming progeny convulse in supplication
her gaping birth wound opens wide
and from it swarm the seeds of desolation.
Track Name: Misery
shrouded in darkness
abject utter loss
there is no escape
on the path of grey
your dreams will turn to dust
your life amounts to...
miasma of hopelessness
drowning in a void of despair
you will drown in
you will die in
even the maggots
wont feast upon your flesh
even the carrion birds
will leave your corpse to rot in disdain
Track Name: The Day The Earth Stood Dead
eternal winter descends
upon the blackened face of the earth
skeletal cities
quiet beneath the blanket of ash
colossal shadows tower
against the bleak ashen skyline
triumphant over the sun
shadows fall on the scene of devastation
the day the earth stood dead
witness to the planetary funeral
those who were before
shall be again forevermore
the day the stood dead
mortuary world is a monument
to death triumphant
in the final hours
no saviour came to deliver us
from the ancient masters
those who slept awoke once more
Track Name: Slithering Sickness
writhing parasite inside you
terror seething in your mind
driven to madness infected
spread the Contaigeon crawling onwards
slithering sickness
burrows inside you
contaminated from within
slithering sickness
creeping pale tendrils
driven by corruption
compelled to spread the spores
deadly bloom from blackest void
slave to the spores control destroyed
melting flesh and nauseous pain
creeping horror abomination
convulsing flesh creeping death
amalgamated minds and meat
crawling madness warping flesh
infected writhing screaming death
fused into a seething mass of howling pain
slithering onward to spread the plague
Track Name: Plague Lord
swarming flies in seething clouds
coiling fumes and choking smog
plague lord brings the gift of death
weeping sores and withering flesh
plague lord
writhing horror
rising rom the stinking pit
pestilential majesty
crusted bile is his crown
mongrel dogs and vermin kin
suckle rapture from his wounds
sickly winds that wither skin
seeping from cariotic wounds
Track Name: They Who Gnaw The Bones
life from another realm
dread god of fear
claws wrapping around your soul
they will devour you
crawling in the dark
weakling species beg for life
your flesh will wither
mewling sack of rotting flesh
stagger about the charnel planet
the agony of time
this festering chaos
seeks entrance to the world
through the eyes of man
I am the end of life
the withering touch
I am the consuming darkness
seeping from the stars
Track Name: Lifeeater
life eater
from the dark
from the time of chaos
deep beneath the earth
a mighty bell is tolled
the prison cracks open
spilling penumbra onto the earth
life eater
the ultimate antithesis
consuming all creation
leaves nothing void behind
he will come for us
creeping from his abstract prison
Track Name: Curroption
I exist in the depths of degradation
I am swallowed in the darkness
I give my self to the depraved whispers
My curroption is complete.